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October 8, 2011

Catchin' some rays

Heron in the sun along the canalI'm no expert in heron behavior, but this guy standing still with his (her?) wings spread facing the sun sure seemed to be enjoying the warmth of an October day.

Herons usually are upright looking intently down into the water, presumably waiting for lunch to swim by. Not this one. I stopped my bike and walked back to take the picture and he didn't budge, blissfully unaware or unconcerned with me.

Joanne and I were doing something similar, although we were riding bikes along the Towpath Trail, one of our favorite parks. The day was perfect for a leisurely bike ride: about 80 degrees, blue sky, a little breeze, and only light traffic on the trail.

With November and a long Cleveland winter not far away, you just have to enjoy days like this—before they become just a fond memory.

Thank you, Maria

Maria cardUnder the same sun and blue sky I went to a memorial service for Maria Ecks, my department's Program Manager who died much too quickly, much too soon.

She left us with darn good advice. I'm going to do my best to remember it.

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