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November 5, 2011

I need you to survive

Chicago Children's ChoirI don't usually sing along, either in person or while I'm sitting at my computer, but the Chicago Children's Choir had me doing it with their song I need you to survive.

It's a rare combination of beauty and meaning that literally sent chills down my spine as I listened online before writing this.

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The performance

Hearing the song again took me back to last night when Joanne and I were literally surrounded by choir members as they sang the song to end their performance at the Chagrin Falls Performing Arts Center. It was the highlight of a show with many high points.

I'm as cynical as the next person. It's easy to see youthful enthusiasm as a naive belief that the world is all puppies and unicorns. That's not the feeling I got from these kids. They sing with an urgency that says they are working to making the world a better place, not wishing it were so.

Over and over during the performance I was reminded of our own Near West Theatre, which works with young people to present amazing shows that make you believe that maybe, just maybe, love can conquer all.

Or at least that it's worth a try.

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