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September 3, 2011

A student again

notes on facebookA quick mention on Facebook that I was taking a course in building apps for the iPhone got more responses (20+) than anything I've ever posted.

Not sure why people "like" this—maybe my students are happy to see their teacher continue to learn, or maybe apps are cool enough that the idea of being able to make your own seems cool.

Whatever. I'm happy for the interest and support. And the fact that a couple of people mentioned they'd like to take a similar course when I teach it has really put the pressure on. I'd better learn this stuff, and soon.

Baby stepsiPhone simulator and code

As with all learning, you start with baby steps. Here's my first: a tiny little app that does exactly what you see here in the XCode iPhone simulator.

A piece of the code that makes this happen is at the right. Much of it is necessary boilerplate. I had to type in seven lines of my own.

Unfortunately even this stunning success isn't complete. I added a couple more words that should display as a second line, but obviously that doesn't happen on its own. There must be a command that forces the display to start a new line when it won't all fit on a single line.

Guess I'll go Google that right now...

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