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September 16, 2011

Ingenuity (in absentia)

My plan had been to head over to Ingenuity Fest, one of Cleveland's most interesting, challenging, and enjoyable events. The annual festival of art and technology is back on the subway level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge, a mammoth arcade of concrete pillars framing views of the lake, river and downtown skyline.

It would have looked sort of like this: photo gallery from the Plain Dealer.

But me, I ran out of steam.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda

My new class schedule has been kicking my butt as I try to make classes more interesting and challenging than before. During the summer I thought a lot about how to make students want to come to class. I watched a set of 24 videos on excellence in teaching. And I think as a result I'm doing a few things better. But its meant late nights( every night) followed by early classes on two of the days.

Friday is my "off" day when I catch up on grading, do my homework as a student in an online course, and work in my garden. Today I added a 5-mile run. All good. Unfortunately it left me wiped out on the couch after supper rather than at Ingenuity.

I'd planned to tell you what I would have seen and done tonight at Ingenuity but as of 11:15 pm their website is down (talk about bad timing!). So instead, here's a link to the Plain Dealer's recommendations, What to see at Ingenuityfest.

Better yet, use this very helpful online schedule.

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