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July 31, 2011

Sunday summary

Monday, July 25

Hand-written notes about book I'm reading

A book that caught my I during a visit to the Lakewood Library turned out to be both interesting and useful...pretty good combination.

Tuesday, July 26

Detail of Rocky River Metropark map

It started as just a run through the Metropark, but ended up with a visit to the planet Neptune.

Wednesday, July 27

Cherry tomatoes and lettuce

Vegetables that you grow in your own garden are healthy, nutritious, and often quite beautiful.

Thursday, July 28

Detail of printed job description

It was stunning to receive applications and resumes from people who want to teach web design classes but don't have their own websites.

Friday, July 29

Detail of HTML code from video tutorial

A subject like HTML, the coding that's behind every web page, can be intimidating. It's good to make it more approachable, but one website may go too far.

Saturday, July 30

Detail of letter I wrote to Republican senators

The political debate in Washington has gotten ridiculous: one side (whose logo is an elephant) refuses to compromise. Is this any way to run a country?

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