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August 8, 2011

Half-way there

Flyer with QR code on bulletin boardOn a bulletin board at Tri-C, someone has "helpfully" noted that this image is a QR code. I'm thinking this is not so helpful. If you know what to do with a QR code you already recognize it. If not, the black and white pattern will still make no sense.

A QR code is a cousin of the more-familiar barcode that we seen on nearly everything these days. QR stands for "Quick Response."

If you have a smartphone you can install a QR code reader app that knows what to do with these things. You point your phone at the code, take a picture, and the software typically shows you a website associated with that particular QR code. Or it might show you a short paragraph or a phone number.

Screenshot from iPhone showing websiteIn this case its a website for a band. As you can see from the screenshot at right, all you see is artwork for a couple of their singles. What a wasted opportunity! Why not show reviews of the music? How about links to play the tunes, and a link to the band's website for more information?

There are lots of ways to use QR codes to promote your band or business, but the folks behind this campaign don't totally get it. They see the novelty value of the QR code but not the potential it offers.

Are you using QR codes in your marketing campaigns? What kind of feedback/results are you getting? Please add your comments below.


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