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APRIL 8, 2009   


View toward the pantry/laundry roomFunny how it works...all the kitchen cabinets are in place, a pretty significant milestone. But the thing that I'm most happy with is the new trim: the wainscoting and casing around the doors.

In the old kitchen these were a hodgepodge of sizes and styles, some original, some part of later rehabs.

In our house—built around 1890—the kitchen was clearly a second-class citizen. The ceiling is actually lower than in the front part of the house, and the trim much less fancy. With our current upgrade we're making the kitchen look less like an afterthought, especially important because we spend so much time in it. Once the rehab is completed the kitchen will be more finished looking than it's ever been. I hope it will look at least close to authentic, not like an add-on. We'll soon find out.

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