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MARCH 18, 2009   


As my son's construction company builds me a new kitchen, I'm building him a new website. We're making progress on both fronts. Slowly. It's challenging at times because our personal styles are so different. To this add the usual client-designer relationship plus thirty-five years of father-son dynamics and you get an interesting mix.

PBS homepage 1We're at the point where we've got a few ideas and need feedback. Click on the image at right to enlarge one version of the home page. Then you'll see links to two more ideas. Each page has an email link to send your comments.

One specific question that we have been debating: are the testimonials a good way to introduce his company to people who don't know him, or over-zealous self-promotion?

Please keep in mind these are just visuals—not working websites. That comes next, after we hear what you think of the direction we are moving so far.

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