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FEBRUARY 6, 2009   

Bird sign

Small bird stenciled on yellow arrow road sign

In preparation for our April trip to the Grand Canyon, Joanne & I decided to walk 4.7 miles, the distance from the canyon rim to the Indian Gardens campground, our likely goal for a day hike.

We had a friend over for dinner last week who shared her experience walking into the canyon. Sounded pretty demanding even after they'd prepared for months by hiking on hilly trails in our parks.

So, to make our afternoon walk at least vaguely realistic—the temperature wasn't, that's for sure—we chose a route that went down into the Flats, then up, down, up, down, up, down and up again. I doubt that any of the hills were as steep as the canyon path we'll be on, but it's a start.

Walking anywhere in Cleveland's Flats you're guaranteed a good selection of graffiti. Here on University Ave. near Sokolowski's a subtle stencil added a bird to the road sign.

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