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MARCH 1, 2009   

Attention K-Mart shoppers

Digital scale at K-MartI'll admit it, I'm more of a Target (tar-zhay) kind of guy. I go to Wal-Mart and K-Mart only with my mom, who thinks Target is way too expensive. But I have to say I felt pretty good today about scoring a pair of winter gloves with Thinsulate lining for $3.50 (marked down from $9.99) and a knit cap for $1.75 to replace the one I lost last week.

Best of all, though, is that now I know my EXACT DIGITAL WEIGHT and have a very promising future to look forward to, thanks to my twenty-five cent investment in the K-Mart restroom.

How could you pass this up? Not only your weight—your EXACT DIGITAL WEIGHT—but Today's Lucky Lottery Numbers and best of all, Your Daily Personal Message.

I was a little discouraged to see that my EXACT DIGITAL WEIGHT was 187.3 lbs. I was hoping for something more like 175, but then I was fully dressed in winter clothes, so I'm holding out that 175 pounds dripping wet isn't totally out of the question.

Digital readout that says The lottery numbers didn't interest me. I don't even know how to buy a lottery ticket. But may be I should learn, because according to my Daily Personal Message:

Guess I better pay attention to what I dream from now on.

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