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FEBRUARY 9, 2009   

On campus

Bldg.12 at Sinclair Community CollegeI parked the car and walked onto the Sinclair Communithy College campus at least five minutes early for my 11 a.m. appointment. I've onlhy been there once before, so wasn't sure where Building 13 was. It seemed likely that it would be in the general vicinity of Building 12.

Not exactly. I asked a few students who were unsure themselves, then called the guy I was meeting. He gave me directions to walk a few blocks east, then south, to get to Buidling 13. This didn't surprise me in the least, since my school—Cuyahoga Community College—is a similar maze of nearly identical buildings.

After my meeting at Sinclair I drove to the University of Dayton, my old alma mater, and parked near 2107 Wayne Avenue, the off=campus house I called home for my senior year. The house looks pretty good, but the neighborhood has more empty lots and boarded up storefronts. Some of the interesting businesses, like the Art Theater and the IGA, have been replaced by dollar stores and big box pharmacies.

It was strange being on campus after forty years. I had the feeling of being out of sync—the surroundings were sort of familiar, some triggering memories, but I was clearly of neither the place or the time.

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