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JANUARY 18, 2009   

Procrastination pays off

Note with handwritten prices for memory cardsAbout a month ago I put a new 2 Gb memory card in my iMac. I bought it from Crucial for about 30 bucks. Seemed like a pretty good deal. It was better than I thought.

The other day I found this note from July '07 that shows just how much I saved by waiting a year and a half.

Now the question is, how much time did I lose in those 18 months waiting for my computer to process files via heavy use of the hard drive because it didn't have enough memory to handle it? Was it worth $100?

When I work on this site, for example, I usually have Dreamweaver and Photoshop open, switching back and forth. I may use a bit of Word too, and of course am constantly checking things in Firefox. So I put pretty heavy demands on the computer's RAM (Random Access Memory). If there's not enough RAM to do the processing, bits & pieces get shuffled temporarily on and off the hard drive, a much slower way to do things.

My iMac can physically hold 4 Gb of RAM, but strangely enough can only work with 3 Gb. So I could install another 1 Gb and it wouldn't make a darn bit of difference. Too bad—I want more RAM!

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