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FEBRUARY 3, 2009   

Cavaliers ticketLet's go Cavs!

OK, we've already established that I'm not much of a sports fan, but I'm not totally oblivious. I usually scan the Sports section of the morning paper, and I know that the Cleveland Cavaliers are having a great season. So it wasn't any sacrifice on my part at Christmas to give my son Danny a night out at a Cavs game as a gift.

When it came time to actually buy the tickets I was surprised that nearly every game was sold out at the official ticket site. I used a reseller called StubHub to find a couple of seats way up in Section 231 for tonight's game vs. the Toronto Raptors. The tickets cost me a buck each over the face value, plus about $15 for FedEx shipping. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived only two days after I ordered them.

Joanne volunteered to watch the two little grandkids while Danny & I went to the "Q" (Quicken Loans arena) for the game. If you haven't been part of the glitz and hype that surrounds professional basketball these days you might be surprised.

The video below gives you a taste of the sound and light show that starts each game. It may be a bit over the top, but once you let yourself go with the flow it is entertaining.

So we had a good time at the game. It helped a lot that Cleveland dominated Toronto in the first, second and fourth quarters. The Cavs got sloppy in the third and let the lead slip to only seven points, but really the game was never in doubt.

After suffering through years of lousy Browns, Indians, (and earlier Cavs) teams, it's great to watch a team that plays with skill and energy. The 101-83 victory wasn't dramatic but it was very impressive. It put the Cavs 23-0 at home this year, and made for a fun evening.

Not to mention that we all get a free Taco Bell chalupa (whatever that is) because the score hit 100 points. The crowd went wild.


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