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MARCH 5, 2009   

Handwritten grocery list Don't forget

There's something charming and very human about how people write notes not thinking of them being read by anyone except the recipient.

I love everything about this one that I found on the street somewhere: the spelling, the big "Honey" at the top, and just the idea of "beans in the jar."

I'm not the only one who enjoys stuff like this—the internet is full of collections of semi-random things, including, of course, The Grocery List Collection.

Probably the best example is Found magazine with its daily example of found notes, photos, etc. If you really like to explore various online obsessions, take a look at the The Museum of Online Museums.

You can join in the fun, too. What have you found that you couldn't bear to throw away? Send a picture or scan of it to me and I'll post it for others to see. Use the email link at bottom.

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