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MARCH 27, 2009   

Sweet & tough

GraffitiIt was a beautiful sunny day today and I was downtown again at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Around lunchtime I felt a desperate need to be outside in the sun so took a short walk south on Ontario and then down through the Flats.

The wall facing the metal staircase that leads to the Tower City Amphitheater was ornamented with this sweetly-colored graffiti. It's got the look of Easter eggs and candy—very seasonal.

Concrete overpass structure from underneathAbout a block away the road passes the Cleveland Thermal Power plant and under an old concrete overpass. This says strength, not sweetness, but the patch of blue sky lightens things a bit.

Kitchen ceiling

Kitchen ceilingIt's finished, and looking pretty darn spiffy. Both Joanne and I are pleased with the new look of the kitchen ceiling.

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