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FEBRUARY 2, 2009   

Use other door

Back door to Kan Zaman restaurant with sign  announcing Kasablanca Cafe.I'm used to walking in the front door most of the time. As I left the West Side Market today I walked through the parking lot behind the restaurants that line West 25th Street north of the Market.

Although I rarely do it, you can go in through the back door of the Phnom Penh, Nate's and as seen here, the former Kan Zaman Hookah Lounge, soon to be the Kasablanca Cafe (we can consider ourselves lucky that it's not the Kasablanca Kafe).

Colorful side door to Glass Bubble Project

A bit further north and around the corner is this door to the Glass Bubble Project building. It's got a whole lot of character, from its found-object security grill to the small but functional "Mail Hole."

It's a shame that the general public never gets to use the elephant door knocker or the Plymouth pentagram lock cover.


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