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FEBRUARY 13, 2009   

Pump up the volume

After a good night's sleep followed by a walk into town for breakfast with Wally, I left Yellow Springs heading for home. Once you get out of range of nearby college NPR stations your radio choices in southern Ohio lean heavily toward Jesus and classic rock. I find the Jesus talk oddly fascinating for a short time but it gives me the creeps after 10 or 15 minutes.

Car stereo panel showing "Vol Max"Fortunately I'd come prepared with an antidote: I had a CD of tunes my daughter Sharon had put together for my 61st birthday that was pretty good once I skipped past the first five tracks of Christmas ditties. Then there was my new favorite road music, Feed the Animals from Girl Talk.

So I set my cruise control for the speed limit, the CD player volume to MAX, and had smooth sailing for the 3.5 hour drive to Cleveland.

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