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MARCH 8, 2009   

Our tax dollars at work

Rusty steel suspension bridge in Hocking Hills parkThere are a lot of things government—state, local, federal—does that I'm not happy about. There's one place, though, where I'm happy to see my taxpayer's dollars spent, and that is in parks.

Here a fairly new suspension bridge spans the creek that flows over Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills State Park (more about that yesterday).

I'm happy to see the high level of design and construction. Reminds me of the beautiful structures built in the WPA era that still grace many parks (and cities) today.

Another investment in parkland nearer to home is the Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation.

An A & three Js

Al, Jean, Joanne, JohnHere we are in all our color-coordinated glory, sitting on the deck of the cabin. Left to right, me (Al), Jean, Joanne, John.


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