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FEBRUARY 1, 2009   

Superbowl, schmooperbowl

As un-American as it may seem, I have no interest in watching the pro football championship. If the Cleveland Browns were in it I'd work up some enthusiasm, but otherwise who cares? My son has a big party every year, so we stopped over there early to help set things up and visit a bit before the crowd arrived. We left about 15 minutes before the start of the game, but not before eating a chili dog and a bunch of chips.

Predictions of who will win Superbowl[News Flash! I won 50 bucks and had the closest prediction of anyone at the party for the final score—not bad for someone who pays virtually no attention to football.]

Life goes on

After the jovial crowd at the party things were a lot quieter when we got home. Since it's the first of the month I decided to face the small pile of Mom's medical and pharmacy bills waiting to be paid. I sorted through checking account and CD statements, trying to get a better handle on her money situation. I jotted down on a scrap of paper the remaining CDs and calculated monthly expenses at her assisted living facility. It felt more than a little creepy to be calculating how many years she could live before running out of money. Fortunately, the numbers were reassuring.

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