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MARCH 12, 2009   

Lorain Avenue artwalk

Storefront with boarded up doors, torn posters

OK, it wasn't really an artwalk, but it was a walk that Jared and I took today, and we did see things that might be considered art. These boarded-up storefront doors with the remains of posters on them might qualify, if you like that sort of thing (I do.)

In true Near West Side fashion, as I pulled out my camera to take a picture a pickup truck pulled into the driveway and a man jumped out to ask what I was taking a picture of.

Jared, friendly guy that he is, recognized the pickup's driver and began chatting with him about other buildings he owns in the neighborhood. The dubious "redeveloper" wasn't forthcoming about whether he owned this particular building or not, although his concern over my picture-taking pretty well answered the question.

Pile of plastic parts from toys, etc.A few blocks further west we saw this art installation behind a chain-link fence. You might mistake it for a pile of trash, but note the orderly circles of wood in the foreground and the spotlight hanging from the top of the white fence. Someone spent time arranging this and providing night-time illumination.

As art goes I prefer the storefront.

White SUV toy on treelawnThe last photo is a sign of the times, perhaps. A tricked out toy SUV is at curbside, waiting for tomorrow's trash pickup. Maybe its former owner is inside playing with a scale-model Prius.

Maybe not.

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