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NOVEMBER 9, 2010

It's more sociableScreenshot of RockMelt invitation

I signed up to test an early version of the new RockMelt browser and am looking forward to taking it for a test spin. Despite its clunky name the thinking behind the browser makes sense. It's sociable.

Many of us spend our day online switching between a handful of websites, especially social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

RockMelt starts with that and adds your FB to a sidebar in the browser itself. A quick way of sharing links, videos and comments is similarly baked right into the browser.

Does the world need another browser? Not if it's just a faster, spiffier version of Firefox or Internet Explorer. But if it makes it easier to do what we're already doing, definitely yes. We'll see if RockMelt lives up to its promise.

I haven't yet received a link to download the actual browser, but as soon as I can give it a test I'll report on what it's like to hang out on the web via RockMelt.


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