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NOVEMBER 19, 2010


Mini-greenhouse made from old windowsIt started with a trip to the basement to find the storm windows for our screen doors.

It ended up taking all morning, using nearly every tool I own, and putting to use a bunch of leftover stuff that had been gathering dust in odd corners of the basement.

Now we'll see if the lettuce and spinach sprouting inside my mini-greenhouse survive long enough to make it to the salad bowl.

A week or two ago I draped a big sheet of plastic over my raised bed planter, hoping for a late-autumn crop of lettuce. Today I replaced the plastic with three big windows left over from our kitchen remodel. I found a half-sheet of foil-faced rigid insulation board that made a great back wall. Since it faces south it will reflect sun into the enclosure through most of the day.

The side panels are from a sheet of clear plastic that magically fit exactly when I simply cut it down the middle. Other insulation scraps—and lots of duct tape—completed my project.

Reminds me of the story of the Three Little Pigs. I've added a fourth, the one who builds his house of duct tape. We'll see whether the winter's huffing and puffing will blow it down.

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