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NOVEMBER 4, 2010


Collection of colorful stickerAlways one of the most interesting projects in the Intro to Visual Communication class, the color self-portrait results in a wildly different array of colors and shapes arranged to communicate the personalities of the students.

If I were smart I'd have taken a picture of this semester's line-up after we'd talked about them in class. Unfortunately that didn't occur to me until they were taken down and put in a pile on the table near the door.

All that remained were dozens of colorful stickers that we'd used to vote for who was most likely to go to an exotic new restaurant, who would jump at the chance to attend a sporting event, and who was most peaceful and serene.

I picked the stickers off the board by holding one sticky side out and using it to pull the next off, over and over again until I'd built quite a collection. Not as colorful as the self-portraits themselves, but still kind of nice.


Lindsey self-portraitThe game we play with the stickers is that when we look at the self-portraits as a group, I ask questions like "Which of these people would be most likely to go to a sporting event?" Then, using a colored sticker, each student votes for his/her choice.

Of all the questions asked there was only one self-portrait that got more than half the votes. It's this one, by Lindsey A., judged "Most peaceful and serene." The class also picked it as the most visually appealing.

Since the self-portrait exercise starts with each student writing 20 words that describe themselves, it's always interesting to see how clearly those are visualized.

Lindsey's top words for herself were "patient, peaceful, introvert, extrovert, grounded, refined, low-stress."

Yep, that's got it.


Steve self-portraitSteve M: "Simple, unique, friendly"

TaylorT abstract self-portrait

Taylor T: "Shy, crazy, organized, fun"

SkryaM abstract self-portrait

Skyra M: "Chaotic, dark, interesting"

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