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YouTube video of alleged UFOs over Lake Erie

Dude... UFOs!

Today was a slow news day all around. The PD ran an article about a guy who claims to have videotaped UFOs over Lake Erie... and I actually took the time to check it out.

Click the picture or here for our hometown version of Cheech & Chong Meet the Aliens. [Update May 2009: the video has been removed by its owner]

Hard to believe, but the rest of my day was even more exciting. I got three things checked off my "To Do" list for the Click! High School Web Competition, and spent nearly three hours with Angela planning for Fall semester.

I'd hoped to get out while it was still sunny in the afternoon to walk for a while, but no such luck.

Oh yeah, tried a recipe for mushroom-clam-potato soup that used up half the mushrooms I bought, all the old potatoes, and most of the cheese from last week. It's seasoned with cloves and paprika. Pretty tasty.