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APRIL 26, 2009   

Sunny Sunday

Headstone on Dad's grave, flowers in frontIt was in the low 80s today, sunny with a little breeze. Good weather for being outside. We had lunch with Mom today, then took a short drive to the cemetery to visit Dad's grave. We'd been out of town on his birthday, April 13th, so a visit seemed appropriate.

There have been times when I felt more of a connection with him than today. Sometimes that happens when I do something, sometimes when I look at an old picture.

Today was mostly a ceremonial visit. We put flowers from our backyard on the grave, stood quietly for a few minutes, then left.

Garden potential

Garden looking toward compost heap, nothing growing yetIt doesn't look like much now, but in a couple of months this will be a lush green oasis, filled with vegetable plants and flowers.

The entire area in front of the bamboo divider will be planted with tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and a few more vegetables.

At the base of the divider are two rows of peas that I planted yesterday.

Today I put in a half dozen Buttercrunch lettuce seedlings that I bought at Marc's. Never tried lettuce in this form before.

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