The View From 32


AUGUST 3, 2007  

On vacation - St. Petersburg and return to Helsinki

Large mosaic mural of Lenin at Metro stationAs we went to the station for our train back to Helsinki we walked into a Metro station by accident and were greeted by this huge mosaic of Lenin.

The style, color and medium reminded me of what I'd seen in the Church on Spilled Blood.

Just as I snapped the picture the cop (in blue) came striding over waving that—I assume—I shouldn't take a picture. Too late. I headed for the exit—fast.

The Helsinki-St. Petersburg train at stationBefore getting on the Helsinki-St. Petersburg Express, Joanne again ran into one of her many school psychologist friends.

Gin & Tonic in a can.How great is this?

The British like their gin & tonics enough to sell them in cans. I bought a couple at the station for the train ride back.

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