The View From 32


AUGUST 9, 2007  

On vacation - London to Cleveland

11:20 a.m. flight from London Gatwick to Cleveland via Continental.

View of Greenland from plane windowThe pilot made an announcement as we flew over Greenland that we could see it out the windows. Not sure why he singled Greenland out for this notoriety, but as I looked at wide stretches of snow I couldn't help but notice quite a bit of bare rock and open water.

Is this global warming in action? Should everything be white with snow at this time of the year?

Dinner on the plane: lasagna and saladI never expected to think about airline food as a treat, but after the no-frills-with-a-vengeance treatment we got when flying Ryanair, I've come to appreciate Continental. They actually give you a meal or two for free on international flights, along with pillows, blankets, headphones, drinks, and reasonable boarding procedures.

This meal, lasagna and a salad, wasn't gourmet quality, but was decent, about what you'd get with a good quality frozen dinner.


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