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JULY 24, 2010    More below: INFLIGHT

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Weather forecast for Dublin,  IrelandHmm...


Good company in flight

Screen of inflight entertainment options

I was amazed—thrilled, really—to find that built into every seatback of our Continental jet was a touchscreen entertainment center with a huge range of choices. It's nice to be able to pick from 150 "CDs", but better yet the range of music was excellent. I never expected to be sharing my trip to Ireland with the three guys above.

Besides the music there were twenty or so full length movies, from Casablanca to Date NIght, a bunch of TV shows, and games like Solitaire and Texas Hold 'Em. Free entertainment. Gotta like that on a seven-hour flight.

White Apple earbudsOne slight glitch: nature didn't endow me with ears to match the earbuds thoughtfully provided by Continental (nor Apple's version of the same). I jam them in every which way and either can't hear the music or they fall out onto my lap.

Memo to self: invest in something that works and bring it with you.

Still, at one point I was able to doze off to Coltrane's A Love Supreme. Thanks, Continental. You've got darn good taste.

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