The View From 32


JUNE 26, 2007    More below: STOP SIGN

Hazy evening

Hazy sky over the lakeAfter dinner tonight the horizon nearly disappeared... so different from the usual clear demarkation line. With almost no breeze, the water just gurgled softly against a background of powerboat motors in the distance.


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Stop sign plus airplane symbolIf you've been to Kelleys Island you know what this sign means, but for the rest of you, good luck.

It's not, although you might reasonably conclude this, a warning for jets to stop at the intersection. On KI it means the opposite: drivers approaching this spot should stop and look both ways in case a plane is landing or taking off.

The runway is the grassy area behind and to the right of the sign, while the road itself is visible at lower left. In all the years I've been coming to the island—close to ten—I've only been close enough to see a plane actually landing once or twice, and fortunately none of them were the kind shown on the sign.

Truth is most days we recklessly roll through the stop sign on the bike or golf cart. Enforcement doesn't seem to be a high priority for the KI police force.


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