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JUNE 19, 2007  More below: MAYFLIES  

Sunrise with clouds

Sunrise over the lakeThe sun didn't show up at the horizon this stayed hidden behind the clouds for about ten minutes. But it was a beautiful sunrise anyway. Subtle, not flamboyant.

Sun on the horizonSunset was subtle, too. I guess it was just that kind of a day.

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Uh oh.

Mayflies on kitchen screen doorWhen we went outside to see the sunrise this morning the screen door held a small crop of mayflies, 20-30 of them. Last year the harmless but annoying critters weren't bad at all, but in other years they have been so thick that they covered the walls on buildings everywhere.

Since mayflies indicate clean water in the lake, they represent a good thing, sometimes too much of a good thing. Tens of thousands of them hatch from the water and live only a day or so, but they assemble in huge masses on vertical surfaces: telephone poles, walls, etc. They they die, leaving thick layers of smelly, crunchy insect bodies.

So far it looks like this year will be a light one, like last, but we'll see.

There's a mayfly update on Thursday.


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