The View From 32


JUNE 18, 2007  More below: HOT TUB

Home away from home

Kelleys Island map with reflection

This detail of an old map of Kelleys Island shows the part of the island where we're staying at House on the Lake, on the right about where you see a person reflected in the glass.

The map is on the wall of the Village Pump, my new "office." With free wireless—well, it'll probably cost me a couple of Great Lakes Dortmunders, but who can complain about that?— air-conditioning, and not a lot of customers, it's a good place to camp out to check email and upload these pages. And the sweet potato fries are pretty dang tasty too.

On the other hand, the Village Pump is where my son Danny got his arm broken in a fight seven years ago, so it has some negative vibes too.


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First time in the hot tub

Today was another first for 2007: first dip into the hot tub. It'll feel even better tonight when it cools down and we can look out toward the lake at sunset, but even in the warmth of the afternoon it's pretty nice. This six-person outdoor hot tub was one of the main selling points when I first saw the ad for the House on the Lake. That, and the 140-foot lakefront in the backyard make this one of the best rental places on the island.


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