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Multi-frame story

Complete story from a similar viewpoint

As you look at these stories, you'll see that most show events from a similar point of view as time passes, as in this Jack and the Beanstalk:

In other words, you're an observer for the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

This Jack & the Beanstalk has the same outside observer's viewpoint, but uses differently sized frames to indicate varying time spans.


Single incident, different viewpoints

These examples focus on a small but important part of the story, showing different viewpoints of what's happening over a short time span. In the Cinderella story below, only a few moments pass. The critical moment—midnight—is the entire focus of frame 2. It would have been even more dramatic if the clock were bigger.

The Goldilocks story below shows what happens as the three bears enter the bedroom to find Goldilocks in the smallest bed. It's almost as if we were standing behind them and seeing it through their eyes:

The Snow White story shows the same moment but from different viewpoints. The last frame is through the eyes of Snow White herself!



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