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Introduction to Visual Communication

WK 1 Course description, objectives. Examples of everyday visual communication. The absolutely essential Rule #1. More examples to think about. First impressions experiment.
Assignment 1: Examples of visual communication

WK 2 Visual perception: how do we see? Optical illusions; survival needs.
Assignment 2: Black shapes

WK 3 Principles of visual organization: CRAP: contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity
Assignment 3: Revise Black shape assignment based on feedback

WK 4 Gestalt principles of visual organization: Similarity, Proximity, Continuation and more.
Assignment 4: Examples of Gestalt principles in advertising
Show & Tell: Intro to Visual Communication, Eqyptian style.

WK 5 Tonality: Black, white and everything in between.
Assignment 5: Explore tonality

WK 6 Hunting for hierarchy: Tonality and other principles in use; creating visual hierarchy; Bake Sale flyer game.
Assignment 6: Analyze existing graphic for use of principles

WK 7 Color! Theory and practice, systems, color wheel & color schemes, communicating with color, personality tests.
Assignment 7: Examples of color schemes

WK 8 More color!
Midterm Quiz
Bring Notebook for progress review
Assignment 8: Color self-portrait; samples of  previous student work

WK 9 Visual storytelling: ideas & implementation
Assignment 9: Single-frame story; samples of previous student work

WK 10 Multiframe story: learning from comic books
Assignment 10: Three-frame story; samples of previous student work

High heel warning sign thumbnailSymbol cartoon thumbnailWK 11 Symbols: Definition and history; types of symbols; Web resources
Assignment 11: Examples of symbols
Show & Tell: Which shoes SHOULD I wear?

WK 12 Typography
Introduction of final project
Assignment 12: Typographic Treasure Hunt

WK 13 Using type effectively. MS Word practice document.
Assignment 13: Typography in action

WK 14 Information graphics
Work on final project

WK 15 Advertising & Propaganda: The power of visual communication.
Notebook due.

WK 16 Final project due.