The View From 32



First cone of the 2007 season

East Coast Custard menu showing Mexican ChocolateThe fact that I drive by East Coast Custard twice a day during the work week is a real problem. I put on about ten pounds one year because of my frequent stops for a cone. Even though I resist the temptation to get anything larger than a single, the calories still add up.

My current strategy works pretty well, although it may make the employees wonder sometimes. Since the flavors change daily, I only buy a cone when it's a flavor I really like. And that doesn't include vanilla or chocolate.

I could pick up a copy of the monthly schedule that lists flavors day by day, but back when I used to do that I found I'd sometimes plan my day around the Almond Joy or Pearl Road Crunch I knew was on the menu. That seemed a little extreme, so my new tactic is this: if I'm in the mood for custard I drive into the lot and cruise around to the drive-through. The flavors are posted outside, and if I see one of my faves I park the car and walk to the window to order. If there's nothing special I keep on driving back out the way I came in.

This week I made this circular cruise twice before today seeing Mexican Chocolate listed. It's chocolate with cinnamon and chopped walnuts. Not the greatest, but still tasty.


Flowers, daffodils and crocusesNot yet, but close

The daffodils (left) still haven't opened, but their neighbors the crocuses have. This is the first bit of spring color in the yard. This picture was taken at about 9 a.m., and I was hoping that by suppertime I could take another showing the yellow blossoms in all their glory. This morning there was a steady breeze blowing, but it was warm.

Unfortunately Angela and I stayed late working on grading projects for Interactive Media class and I didn't get home until 9. It was dark, of course, so I still don't know if they've opened or not.  Today was in the 60s but unfortunately tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.

Still, it's bound to happen soon.