The View From 32



I don't know, a land crab?

Smashed object on asphalt look like a crabI used to pick up interesting-looking stuff off the ground until I realized I could just take a picture of it instead of accumulating boxes and boxes of junk.

At one point I created a set of notecards using some of these images which were moderately popular, meaning I sold a couple hundred of them. And I've got boxes more, in case anyone is interested.

Here's my latest collectible, found on the asphalt in the upper parking lot at Edgewater Park. From a distance it looked like a crab.

I actually have no idea what it is.

Lake Erie with slushy ice and mostly open water

The world's biggest slurpee

The ice on the lake was breaking up in most places, with big stretches of clear water.

At this point you can see both big chunks of ice along with lots of slushy ice mixed with water. The wind was strong enough that for a while there were waves breaking in the area at the left of the photo.

If you listen you'll hear the usual Edgewater mix: water, gulls, and a helicopter passing overhead. Because it's located on an approach path to both Cleveland Hopkins Airport and downtown Burke Lakefront Airport, there's rarely more than a few minutes without some sort of aircraft sound.


Wind symphony

Boats in storage at Edgewater MarinaThe quiet-looking boat storage area at Edgewater Marina comes alive when the wind is blowing. You can't tell from this picture, but there are hundreds of boats here, many of them sailboats like these.

If you listen closely you can hear the high pitched whistle of the wind in the rigging, and the continual banging of pulleys against the masts. I kind of enjoy the music it makes.

I've seen the future, and it looks like...

Of the many many improvements I hope to make to this site, a yearly calendar that would let you go instantly to any month/day would be high on my list. Today I rediscovered a site called CSSPlay by Stu Nicholls that has lots of great CSS techniques that I hope to incorporate here. Someday. Like this calendar, and this photo gallery, which could someday be my home page.

Another idea I'd like to incorporate in some form was used on a site called "Twin" based on a typeface created by LettError. The shape of the type changed based on the temperature and wind speed in Minneapolis. It's described in the article Typeface Twin Cities. Unfortunately the interactive part doesn't seem to work anymore.