Current History Makers

A consensus of dictionary definitions describes history as events which have occurred in the past.

If that is so, then history becomes history as soon as the present has passed. In real time, that may mean an historic event may have occured less than one second ago.

So why is it that so many Americans, including Blacks themselves, believe Black history stopped when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated?

Thankfully, Black history and Black American contributions did not end in 1968. Historic events and even "firsts" for Blacks still occur today on an almost daily basis.

Harriet Tubman will always be an important and respected figure in Black history, as will Dr. King. They have earned their places in history. However, let's widen the scope. Let's become more aware of contemporary Black history makers.

Darden CEO, Clarence Otis, runs the largest restaurant group in the entire world. Ohioan Virgina Hamilton was a multi-time winner of the highest children's book honors for her insightful writing. Grand Master Maurice Ashley not only had the right moves on the chessboard but in his efforts in teaching children to follow in his footsteps. World-renowned watercolorist Dean Mitchell currently has a one-man show at the Canton Museum of Art. Amazingly, Robert Lawrence was selected as the very first Black astronaut way back in 1967.

Regardless of the age, Black Americans continue to make innovative and important societal contributions.