An age of Impressionism, modern-day Mass Communication systems, the twilight of Native Americans on the Plains and the increase of westward expansion

Before the world launched into the Gay Nineties, the 1870s and 1880s were anything but stagnant.

A large variety of artistic movements impressed and challenged the viewing public. Most movements were not successful at first glance but eventually came to shape the standards for today’s artists.

History saw the ever-changing American landscape become less of a nation of open plains as resistant chiefs and Native American nations were literally moved or removed to accommodate the white masses moving westward. However, many tribes did not go quietly into the night.

Life expectancy increased significantly due to the discovery of aspirin, pasteurization and vaccinations against diseases which, at that time, were often life-threatening.

Gigantic technological strides were made and the corners of the world were brought closer together with the invention of the telephone, the camera and the motor car. Electricity was harnessed for public use by the inventions of the light bulb and street light.