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A sidetrip into calorie-counting

The wonderful/awful thing about the web is how you start to follow an idea and it takes you all over the place, until you finally realize that there was some reason you sat down at the computer. But what was it, anyhow?

Today I was cleaning up my (computer) desktop and clicked on a web location I'd saved called "What Does 200 Calories Look Like?."  It's exactly what it says: pictures of the amounts of  various foods that each equal 200 calories. This of course lets you decide between a boatload of mini-carrots and eight Hershey's kisses:

200 calories worth of baby carrots200 calories worth of chocolate kissesKind of scary how few chocolate kisses it takes, isn't it?

So OK, now that you're thinking about calories, what will it take to burn them off?

There are many online calorie/activity calculators; I used the one at because although it's ugly, it has over a thousand activities listed, conveniently subdivided (Dancing-general; Dancing-American Indian;...Dancing-Waltz). I need to sit and type for nearly two hours to burn off those Hershey's kisses (122 calories/hour). Or I can walk for about 40 minutes (310 calories/hour. Or I can just take a nap—for three hours (73 calories/hour).



Pens and  squishy things from ThunderTechI don't know what it is, since I have way more pens than I'll ever use, but free stuff always does it's job on me. I especially like colorful orange pens like these from ThunderTech, free for the taking at today's Web Association meeting.

The squishy cubes I can imagine throwing around the office as a stress-reliever. But I didn't pick one up. The color scheme doesn't work for me. Now,  if the cubes were orange with black printing instead of this way, maybe then I'd have added one to my collection of goofy things with logos on them.

It's just hard to resist swag, what else can I say?