The View From 32



Rolling Rock and shitty novel, enjoying a sunny dayWarm and sunny after a gray morning

I could have been inside vacuuming the downstairs carpet, one of my usual Sunday chores, but when I saw Jim next door sitting outside in the sunshine that struck me as a much better idea.

One of the things about living in Cleveland, where we have more than our fair share of cloudy days, is that you learn to appreciate the sun (California people are so spoiled!).

So I got my shitty novel—an uninspired spy thriller—a bottle of Rolling Rock,  and settled my butt into a chair facing directly into the sun. Pretty nice.

Welcome home

Vase of spring flowers on kitchen tableJoanne returned home today after nearly a week in New York for a conference. Knowing how she likes flowers I was glad to see ours in full bloom. I was able to fill a vase for the kitchen table and a smaller one for the bathroom as a welcome home greeting.

That vacuuming I was putting off with the beer & novel? Managed to get that done before going to pick her up at the airport. So all in all a pretty productive day. Had lunch with mom too. Another action-packed Sunday.