The View From 32



Snow on the daffodilsStill waiting

Since the temperatures haven't been bitterly cold despite the snow—again—the flowers still look like they're ready to open. I'm guessing that if tomorrow is even reasonably warm and sunny we may see something.

When I walked to the West Side Market at 11 a.m. it was gloriously sunny and felt almost warm. But I kept my stocking cap and gloves on anyway.




The new crepe stand at the West Side MarketTemptation

As if I needed something else to spend money on at the market, a crepe stand just opened up, part of City Roast Coffee where I often get a decaf cappucino.

It seemed part of my civic duty to give it a try, so I ordered a Basic crepe, plain except for a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. At $3 it's not exactly a bargain, but that's OK. It's a luxury item anyway.

The verdict? Well, let's just say that the street vendors in Paris don't need to worry about their jobs being exported to Cleveland.

Like the other Cleveland crepe places I've tried, it seems that Crepes De Luxe uses some sort of vegetable oil instead of butter to coat the griddle. On a crepe with lots of flavor, like the ham & cheese or banana, nutella and cinnamon, this might be ok. But when it's just a crepe with sugar, it takes the butter flavor to make it great. The French understand this.