The View From 32



Strip of snow on north side of tree trunkLost in the woods

If you remember that old saying about moss growing on the north side of the tree but never were quite clear on how it worked, here's a clear example.

After a day of sun and relatively warm weather the snow has melted everywhere except this small strip of tree trunk that's been in shadow all day long. The strip that faces north.

Since moss grows where its damp, this would be the most hospitable place to be.




Today was mostly devoted to answering emails, sorting through stacks of junk mail, washing clothes...all those things that accumulate when you're on vacation. I'd like to say that I got a lot of productive work done, but not really. And even though it had snowed overnight, by afternoon the snow was gone when I went to Edgewater, except for what you see above. The lake was completely free of ice, and with a brisk wind the waves were a foot high or more.