The View From 32



Daffodils nearly ready to bloomWarm and sunny

After driving through rain and snow in New York (see below) it was great to find sunshine and warm temperatures in Cleveland.

At home, when I went into the backyard it looked like the daffodils would be blooming any day now.

And noisy! The birds that gather in the mock orange trees alongside the house were back, making a heckuva racket where only a few days ago there was complete silence.

It was pretty breezy, as you can tell from the wind chimes.


Lots of atmosphereView of snow & mist through the windshield

Driving through New York state we hit a couple of areas where the weather conditions—warm, wet air along with snow on the ground—caused problems.

You can see the steam rising from the snow alongside the road, here making just a low-hanging layer of mist. Earlier, in a section where there was a lot more snow on the ground, it created a thick fog that made visibility tricky.

Even though Danny is a good and fairly cautious driver, that stretch made me more nervous than anywhere else in our 11-hour drive.  I was relieved that the worst of it lasted maybe 20 minutes or so.


Used to be my hero

Roy Rogers picture inside restaurantWhen I was a kid I idolized Roy Rogers. To me he represented the ideal American gentleman. Tough when he needed to be, but kind and generous mostly. The Roy Rogers Show was on Sunday nights, and I never missed it.

I loved Roy, King of the Cowboys, his wife Dale Evans, Queen of the West, and their sidekick Pat Brady. And of course the Jeep, Nellybelle, that Pat raced around in.

The show ran from December 1951 to June 1957, putting me in the 5-11 year old range. One thing I still remember is that I found it strange that Roy never had to go to the bathroom. As a 6 year old who did have to go to the bathroom, sometimes in the middle of the show, I thought that made him even cooler.

Oh yeah, now Roy is hustling overpriced fast food at turnpike rest areas in New York State. For more tidbits and photos from the show, visit