The View From 32


APRIL 10, 2007    More below:  FREE FONTS  |  STUMBLE UPON

Not SAD today

Forsythia bush in front yard with snowbankAs I was getting ready for school/work yesterday I was feeling really down. I wanted to stay home and read a novel or sleep or something, anything but face a room full of students. It wasn't the cold and snow that was getting to me, it was the lack of sun. My own little attack of SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I felt that if only I could sit outside in the sunshine for awhile everything would be better, but there was no chance of that on a day that was relentlessly gloomy. It's one of those things that happens after a long Cleveland winter, made worse by the fact that not much more than a week ago it was sunny and warm.

But t oday when I got into to car to drive to Parma the sun was shining brightly. The forsythia blossoms glowed with yellow, and the snow underneath sparkled. Life was good.


Free fonts

There's no shortage of free font sites, but came up twice in the same day. A student was using it for a class project, and I stumbled upon it (more on that below). I'd say it's got a better-than-average selection, particularly in the trash/graffiti/distressed category.

Here's one I like:

The view from 32 in the rough looking font

It's called "Sidewalk," one of an interesting collection from Gyom.typo Fonts & Design.

You might also want to visit They have a nice assortment of free dingbat fonts too.


What I Stumbled Upon

If you're one of those people who doesn't want to feed their Internet addiction, stop reading right now.

I mean it! Don't read any more!

OK, I at least I tried to warn you. is one of the Web 2.0 sites highlighted by Business 2.0 as likely to hit it big soon. There's an excerpt from that article in last night's post. It was late when I wrote it and I was far too tired to explore any further.

Today I had a few minutes, and an hour later I had to force myself to stop and try to get some actual work done. StumbleUpon makes the natural process of jumping from interesting site to interesting site addictingly easy. And I haven't even signed up to use the toolbar that makes it easier still. I was just clicking on stuff that looked interesting, starting from the homepage.

It went sort of like this:

Screent-to-screen path I followed with StumbleUpon


And so on. A couple of interesting sites from my stumbling:

HTML Playground: combined reference sheet for HTML tags + "try it" demos. A lot like in a different format.  

CSS Cheat Sheet: Just what it says: a useful list of CSS selectors, properties and values.

CSS Shorthand Guide: Using the shorthand approach can make your CSS simpler and easier, but you need to know what values to include (and what happens if you leave some out). Very useful