A little about Me...

My name is Bill Sims. I am at TriC majoring in Web Design in order to further my skills in the Computer field. I spent many years as an operations manager in both restaurant and retail businesses. The past 10 years I was an IT "technician" working on a number of projects at various companies such as University Hospitals and MetroHealth, along with quite a few short term projects. I also maintain my own small company, repairing and building pc's and training people in their use. After developing some physical issues from the types of efforts required by those jobs, I was placed on disability with the opportunity to re-train. I chose web design.

What's this website about ?

As we progress in this introductory HTML class, we are creating web pages to utilize each of the new features we are learning. Each week's page will incorporate new tags, skills, features of HTML that allow our pages to look better and code more correctly. The navigational links will take you to the page we created for the week, and hopefully show new things we've learned and incorporated up to that point.Click and enjoy!(Week1)