Bill Sims

Bill Sims

About Me

I am at TriC majoring in Web Design in order to further my skills in the Computer field. I spent many years as an operations manager in both restaurant and retail businesses. The past 10 years I was an IT "technician" working on a number of projects at various companies such as University Hospitals and MetroHealth, along with quite a few short term jobs. I also maintain my own small company, repairing and building pc's and training people in their use. After developing some physical issues from the types of efforts required by those jobs, I was placed on disability with the opportunity to re-train. I chose web design.

My goals

In order to understand the basics of web design, I'm taking HTML to begin with the basics. I know there are many programs out there that make creating a web page relatively easy, but I feel that understanding HTML will help me understand even how those programs work, not to mention supplement my ability to refine my web pages. I also understand that companies are looking for HTML skills.

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Bill Sims
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