The View From 32



Blue skies over Fulton Auto, Fulton Rd.

Sunny skies over Fulton Auto

Driving to work today it was beautiful, sunny and clear. The temperature was barely 30 degrees, though. Even here at Fulton just north of Vega (not one of the more photogenic parts of the neighborhood) it looked great.

Fulton Auto, on the right under the arrow, is one of the small independent junk yards still hanging on in the neighborhood.

There was a time when you might find me at a place like that trying to get a replacement taillight for my Plymouth Voyager—not unlike the one parked on the sidewalk—but I've given up on DIY car repairs.

There's that time/money equation, and when I had little money I spent the time. Now that I have more money, I pay for car repairs and spend my time doing things I enjoy more. Same with doing my taxes, a task that I always hated. Now H&R Block gets a sizeable chunk of change from me every March, but I have one less thing to worry about.