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February 2, 2015     

It started as a poster

A long time ago I made a sketch.

Sketch for poster

Today, after many years, I thought I'd make the poster. Inspired by James Victore, I'd do some funky hand-drawn letters using unusual tools and materials.

Out came paint markers and a dusty sheet of dark textured paper from under my work table.

Hand lettering with paint markers

No, not funky enough. Maybe if I cut the letters out of paper. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Cut paper letters

Actually, no.

What about those little 3D letters in the plastic box on the shelf?

Box of plastic letters

Then what? Photograph them? Hmm.

At this point I reminded myself—the only one who might need reminding—that I'm no James Victore. He's made a career of bold hand-lettered posters and I've... well, I've done other stuff. Often the stuff I like the best is on the screen, and sometimes it's moving. So 15 quick shots with my iPhone and some time in Photoshop, and my poster has become this animated GIF:

Do this: advice on living every day

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