Do you need a little help getting your web project started? Have you run into a coding issue you can't solve? Then check out these links about web-development.

Website showcase

Webby Awards
Like Click! Web Competition, The Webby Awards reward creative web designers with fame and fortune. Ok probably more fame than fortune, but certainly check out this link if you want to see what some of the very best in web design looks like.
Cool Home Pages
Features interesting website designs, and links to creative references. This is a great site to get inspiration for your own work, and to see how others are handling web-design.
Web Pages That Suck
For those of you asking the question "What shouldn't I do", visit this link. The site has links to web pages that feature bad design and/or coding choices. In fact, they post new links up every day. Your mission is to never get mentioned on their list.


W3 Schools
W3 Schools is an excellent starting point for your web design projects. Learn all about the correct way to code your site, and how to use CSS to make it look the way you want.
Whether you're a beginner at coding for the web, or you just want to learn something new, HTML Dog offers excellent tutorials for all skill levels. From coding your first page all the way to creating sophisticated style sheets, you'll find something here that will help you with your website.
Design Academy
This is part of, and is a simple list of common web-design errors to avoid.
The HTML Pit Stop
Tutorials on how to use forms, music, meta tags, tables, frames, and more.
HTML Home Page
Tutorials and information from the World Wide Web Consortium.
HTML Goodies
The basics and much more.
CSS Tutorials
An introduction to the use of cascading style sheets.
CSS Zen Garden
Shows different techniques and ways of using css.

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Free JavaScripts
Many "cut and paste" Javascripts with installation instructions.


Free Graphics
Good links to photos, backgrounds, web graphics, books and tutorials
Splashup image editor
Flash based online photo editor. Very basic, but helpful if you don't have a program on your computer.

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Flash Animation

Flash Kit is the world's largest Flash resource site. Also includes online tutorials, message boards, fonts, and sound effects.

Other Tutorials

Adobe design tools

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