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This collection of stuff was in a doorway outside the fancy Palm Restaurant at the Nashville Hilton for at least two days. I'm not sure if the maintenance people were being considerate, thinking that the owner might return, or just didn't do their job very well.

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(A) Life on the Street, Nashville
Phone list
Names and phone numbers of mental health agencies, like the Mental Health Cooperative and Nashville CARES.
Pack of cigarettes
Might need them to calm down.
Brussels sprouts
Overcooked, nasty, but lots of them. A restaurant might give these away at the end of the day.
Handwritten note
The part you can read says "I need something to cool my..."
Plastic wristband
White plastic, like what you'd get at a hospital.
Potted plant
A clump of soil and some greenery with small purple flowers - looks like what's left of a small potted plant. A gift from a friend?
Dallas to Nashville
Looks like an itinerary or ticket receipt. Dallas, Memphis and Nashville are on the list, along with two others that aren't readable. Maybe a bus ticket?