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  JANUARY 2007

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Chocolate fountain at our New Year's Day party Detail of airline itinerary Cleveland to Manchester, NH Pin the tail on the donkey Sammy and toy Al, Joanne, Jeff, Kathy mean temperature - 40s Mean temperature - 30s Mean temperature - 30s Mean temperature - 30s Mean temperature - 20s Mean temperature - 30s Close-up of tickets to Beethoven Symphony No.9 Close-up of beautyberry branch at Cleveland Botanical Garden daily entry for january 14 Detail of Drive Project website Notes from first Interactive Media class Detail of outlook calendar page for Jan. 17 notes written on napkin Detail of score from Blackboard Article about cellphone ads 7:48 amLeaves of houseplants5:29 pm 7:47 amDetail of whiteboard with geometric shapes5:30 pm 7:46 am5:31 pm 7:46 amdetail of Flash interface5:33 pm 7:44 amPhoto of clean office desktop5:33 pm 7:44 amAnswering machine power light5:35 pm 7:43 amRay McNiece performing at the Happy Dog5:36 pm 7:42 amAndrew Wasco headstone in cemetery5:37 pm 7:42 amQuestions your statement should answer5:39 pm 7:41 amNotes on creating a button in Flash5:40 pm 7:40 amPrescription form and pill5:42 pm
Chocolate fountain Tomorrow morning... Pin the tail on the donkey Mmmm...yummy Old friends No entry today No entry today No entry today No entry today No entry today No entry today Ode to Joy Beautyberries I got nuthin' Project envy First class First day of office hours An early influence Computers are stupid All advertising, all the time Houseplants What's your shape? No entry today Flash frustration It's clean! On? Off? Words & music Dad's grave Tell me who you are Learning Flash Pills